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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where I've been before...

I thought it prudent to introduce you to some of my other blogs I have posted in separate locations. Some of them are long and frankly would make this new blog seem ENORMOUS! I'm sure it will grow by great leaps and bounds as it is, so for that reason I'm going to provide you some links to some of my favorites. Feel free to check them out below by clicking on the links:

November 4, 2008, a date which will live in history or infamy...what do you believe?

Remember when the NLCS was the Braves vs. Pirates?


"Merry Christmas" vs. "Happy Holidays", does it really matter?

The TRUE reason for the season...

Why worry about 2012?

J.J. Abrams! Just what Bones ordered! Star Trek would be LOST without him!


The next great adventure...

For the past nine months I've had two things, every near and dear to my heart, come to fruition. One is my lastest novel due for release on March 29, 2010. This book is entitled Beyond the Loop: The Journey of Willis October, The Man, The Myth, The Legend. This book is a prequel/parallel/sequel to my original published work The Civilization Loop. The story primarily deals with the antagonist of TCL, a man by the name of, well, Willis October. He was a spineless, heartless wraith hell bent on destroying all of God's creation. In this middle story you'll get to see how Willis October came to be. TCL was all about the time team and Dr. Robert Irwin Peterson, or Bobby, and how they hoped to avert disaster on May 5, 2012. Obviously disaster is averted (and sorry if I gave that away to the ones that haven't read it yet). But in the wake of solving some of histories greatest mysteries, a new myth was born. It became known as the myth of the rogue time traveler, Willis October. Now, in BTL you'll learn who he really was, what he thought about, how he came to acquire his time traveling device in the first place, and witness the journey he went on that ultimately lead to the fateful day of May 5, 2012. It's a unique story with an ending you won't want to miss.

The second of the two things near and dear revolves around my daughter-to-be, Abigail Kelly Thrift! She is due to be born sometime during the week of February 28-March 6, 2010. Honestly, she could come any time between right this second and sometime before the end of March. Unfortunately predicting when a baby will come it's kind of like forecasting the weather. You know it's there, it's coming, but it's best guess on exactly when it will come. For now Abby is as snug as a bug inside the womb, trying to create more room with every passing second. We can't wait to meet her!

So this March, more than any March ever before, is extra special for me. Not only is it my birth month, but it could be the month I become a father and have my third novel published. Very special indeed. Soon I'll post some images of both my next book and my daughter when she arrives. So stay in tune and thanks for visiting...