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Friday, March 26, 2010


On March 23rd, 2010, the United States Congress blacked out for 1.1 seconds. All of those that survived saw their futures. Some, for lack of better judgment, couldn't see anything at all, leading them to assume the worst. But unlike the plot of a favorite TV show of mine called Flash Forward this revelation does not come months from now, but starts today!

President Obama was successful in his quest to push a Healthcare Reform Bill through the Senate and Congress on Tuesday, with only the reconciliation phase left to make it a full blown policy. This, of course, is met with much apprehension on the part of many right wingers nationwide. They believe that our nation's sovereignity is headed in the wrong direction with the passing of such a bill. That government run healthcare can only lead to great and terrible things like socialism, food shortages, economic collapse, and a Jar Jar Binks TV show! The last one alone could unravel the fabric of the universe all by itself.

But to equate how all of this banter about healthcare reform has been perceived by myself, and I'm sure others across the country, I offer these excerpts from the original Batman film of 1989:

Right Wingers: "Ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?"

Left Wingers: "What?"

Right Wingers: "I always ask that of all my prey. I guess I just like the sound of it."

(Right Winger shoots Left Winger in the chest with a pistol. Screaming ensues).


American Public: "This town needs an enema!"

(Public blows on their collective kazoos)

That's about the gist of it for most Americans, many of whom said, "Huh?" when all of this began and some still say, "Why should I care?"

For one, from what I've seen of the bill, what is it that so many right wingers are afraid of anyway? What's so wrong with trying to help everyone have health insurance? If you work for a company, nothing changes, so this act seems to only be helping those that can't buy affordable health insurance, like my small business owning parents for example. What's so wrong with allowing your child to be covered on your insurance until they are 26 years old? Are we afraid they won't ever move out? What's so wrong with providing the elderly a life preserver in medication funds, when they have been royally screwed by Medicare up until now when the funds run out? What's so wrong with no longer having a cap on how much medical coverage you get for the lifetime of your plan? What's so wrong with insurance companies no longer being able to deny people with prior medical conditions or pull an already insured American's policy out from under them if they do get sick?

Is it just me? These things don't sound so bad, I think. Until you read the fine print. Then you can see why right wingers HATE THIS CRAP. Here's the biggest reason why they hate it: this new coverage will be paid for by wealthy tax payers more so than middle class working tax payers! Ahhhh, so it's all about the money, once again.

Not so fast! Right wingers have some legitimate gripes. Number one, should abortion be covered? That's certainly an issue and one I would have to say is a bit tricky at the least. Should all immigrants have access to this healthcare insurance, particularly those that have come up out of the Southwestern United States in recent years? I mean they already take our jobs, why not take our healthcare too? However, the bill addresses these people as well and also seems to stipulate that if you're illegal, it's a no go for you on healthcare coverage. But the biggest issue with the right wingers is...the passing of this bill just makes Prez Obama and Nancy Pelosi look good! I mean in the grand scheme of things, we knew this was the most diabolical pair to come together since Hitler and Himmler, Saddam and Osama, Simon and Garfunkel, Lois and Clark, Ren and Stimpy, Pamela and Tommy Lee, Britney and K-Fed, Bush and Cheney. But you can hardly stamp on their backsides the Antichrist and False Prophet label just yet.

I'll admit this, I didn't vote for Obama. However, I wouldn't call myself a right winger either. I'm what you call a Republocrat! I ride the fence because, like all Americans, some days I'm conservative and others I'm liberal. Somedays I'm one side more than the other, but I never seem to waver from the fact that I can never completely agree with either side because I do this strange thing called...THINKING! And what I think about all of this is, you need to support the elected official that is in office short of starting World War III. Because contrary to popular belief (meaning FOX News), the Demoncrats, those left winger liberals that occupy homes within the confines of the United States the same as I do, DO have the best interests of the American people in mind, even if that isn't always translated onto paper for all to see. I mean come on, we SURVIVED eight freakin years of Bush and his shenanigans, we can certainly survive this! And a few times there I thought World War III might actually break out with Bush, so I'm VERY happy to be here.

Fact remains, the man needs to be given his do. President Obama got a bill through that is designed to help most Americans who just can't seem to find it anywhere else. That's enough reason for me to continue supporting my President. Because contrary to FOX News, Obama IS the President of the United States of America and will be for at least 3 more years. If this whole escapade was supposed to have been compared to the Battle of Waterloo, then either someone got the sides mixed up or Obama has just completely rewritten history. But the more obvious choice isn't even listed: Once again a few well-to-dos in Washington took themselves way too seriously and now they have egg on their collective faces. So get ready well-to-do right wingers, I want Lasik surgery and YOU'RE going to pay for it!!!

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