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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Loopholes, Jacob, the island....OH MY!!! Who else is LOST?

Cuse me Damon, but could you explain what is going on here with Lost? Let's face it, this show has loads of people talking. By loads I mean the people that actually still watch it and didn't stop tuning in simply because they wanted to see more of Sawyer doing what he does or Kate's bottom. No, this show is for those with an open mind to possibilities most people could care less about. These same people that claim to be lost on Lost, also buy into the "Lone Gunmen Theory" of the JFK assassination, "NASA faked the Apollo Landing Theory", and they kept voting for Kate Gosselin on Dancing With the Stars simply because she's good entertainment to them.

Hey, we all need a release sometimes. Let's face it, most blondes are great entertainment from their bountiful assets, to their mind numbing dialogue. I can see what people like about Kate, because you truly do see people like her everyday. I just don't understand why it's lasted this long, because you do see people like her everyday! That goes for Survivor, American Idol, The Real World (any of them), Big Brother, or any other TV show that is long overdue for cancellation because of its inherent ability to suck people into a sinking ship.

What's the deal with the love affair some people have with stuff that is basically....well, stupid, for lack of a better word? Are the American people that inebriated by this "entertainment" that they just don't care to rationalize it out at all? I don't even believe it has to do with simple mindedness because some of the people so enamored by such things as Kate seem to be well educated people and you'd think they would ultimately deduce that Kate, and anything else like her, sucks!

Yet, they keep flocking and changing the channel to these shows, all the while ignoring shows like Lost simply because you might have to think a little bit about what is going on as you watch the show. That's the same way for FlashForward, Fringe, and an assortment of other TV shows out there anguishing on the brink of cancellation, hoping to get renewed year after year. I'll admit, V, eh, never been that interested; The Sarah Connor Chronicles could have been done better; but hey, people love the latest Vampire TV series to come out, namely Vampire Diaries. That's an obession for another blog later...don't get me started on this whole Twilight fiasco. Seems like subliminal brainwashing to me.

I didn't watch Lost during the first season mainly because I wasn't watching any TV shows at that time. There was just too much to do in my new home and too many other things I wanted to do in life for TV at that time. But, I watched one episode of the second season and became hooked immediately. The reason, it was more than just some people being lost on an island. I think that's why people tuned in for the first two seasons, especially the first. It seemed like a dramatic version of Survivor, or even a TV version of Cast Away. But this went beyond the "realistic" approach that had Tom Hanks talking to volleyballs and men and women voting each other off the island. Lost presented something every week that you'd never expect. That's what got people so interested in the first place. That and the characters themselves. Who doesn't like Evangeline Lilly in a two piece? Who doesn't just think Sawyer is the cat's me-wow? Who doesn't like seeing the debate waged between Jack and Locke about science and philosophy? Who wasn't curious to see if the Losties would get off the island? It was an awesome first season and lived up to the hype. People talked about it on radio stations, on street corners, during lunch. Great show.

Then they got in the hatch and it's been downhill ever sense. No one seemed to really like Desmond. What was the point in the hatch anyway? What was the hatch protecting? As the 2nd season continued to unfold, grumblings increased, until the hatch blew up and season 3 began.

Then it just got weirder. There's another island to this island? Why all the mind games? How did Locke, Desmond, Eko, and Charlie survive this blast anyway? Why is Desmond shifting through time? Weird, weird, weird! Not as weird though as when you get to the final episode of season 3, rescue is imminent, Jack is happy, only to see Jack bearded up yelling, "We have to go baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!" Huh? They get off the island and he wants to go back???

So season 4 became the arduous journey of simply getting off this island, with an assortment of new characters involved. Basically a 14 episode season reflected all of a week in the Lost universe. But hey, one season of 24 is but a day, so who's counting? And how does this adventure to the boat turn out? Only 6 Losties getting off the island, the boat sinking and the island...DISAPPEARS! WTF???

Now it gets even weirder! If you're a fan of Miss Teen South Carolina, now would be a good time to exit the page, you won't understand this part. The island inhabitants start shifting through time! That's when a lot of people, minus the die hard fans, changed the channel. It was just too weird. The unfortunate thing is, they really missed out on a good season. You got to see flashbacks, flashforwards, flashes through time, and in the 6th and final season you have a flashsideways! Yes, for those of you that thought Season 5 was too weird, you ain't see nothing yet until you've seen season 6 and the Alternate-LA reality where no crash ever took place and the island is sunk!

Alternate realities, time travel, philsophy, science, theology, mythology, black smoke monsters, people living in a foot, the others, the Losties! Oh my! Dorothy's head would have exploded by now. All this stuff is twisting so fast, not even a Twister could keep up with it!

But that's the tapestry that has been weaved, and it is amazing! You have an island, somewhere in the Pacific, where a mysterious energy gives human beings the ability to explore the unknown possibilities of existence. One being guards this secret from others, while another tries to manipulate and use it to their own advantage. All the while, a few chosen people inexplicably end up on the same plane at the same time to crash land on this island and begin experiencing all the island has to offer. Those that can't walk, walk again. Those with incurable diseases go into remission. They find out there is much more to this place than meets the eye. Even when they think they understand what is going on, they still don't. And it's all finally culminating into a dramatic finale where something truly has to give. Not so much so the audience can understand exactly what is going on, but so a resolution to this epic tale can finally unfold.

The thing about Lost that makes it different from most shows on TV, and profoundly more interesting, is that it speaks in parables. Each episode is a story unto it's self, but still a major part of the whole. That's the way life is. Every interaction we have is a story unto itself, but fits into the perspective of our entire life. Once, there was a man that taught in this same format. The purpose of that format was so the listener could grow in understanding of the words that he spoke without having to be spoon fed the answers they seek. His name was Jesus, look him up!

Lost isn't supposed to give you the answers, it's supposed to allow you to figure it out on your own. I believe even once the final episode airs on May 23, 2010, we still won't have all the answers. But that's the point, isn't it? Do we in real life have all the answers figured out? Do we completely understand why we are here? What is the point of all this? And, don't others meet those that attempt to figure it all out with ridicule over their vain attempts? Although it is fun to try and figure out where Lost is going, there's no point to it. It's not about endings, it's about understanding. In order to understand, you have to think. That means you have to stop watching BS shows about supposed reality, which is about as real as Lost is anyway, and start indulging in that which cannot be explained readily. Only then will you come to realize what Lost is truly about. I can tell you, it's not about physics; you don't have to be a mathematician to figure it out; it's about who we are as people, where we are going, what we believe in, and most importantly, why we are here.

You have no idea what I'm talking about do you? That's ok! You'll figure it out one of these days, or just go on believing Lost is going to be cancelled. Last time I checked though, you never had the kind of fanfare about a show ending the likes of which Lost has entailed when it's going off into oblivion. Typically, when a show gets cancelled, it just simply ends. As far as I can tell, the only show that has ever come back from the dead is Star Trek. Oh yeah, that one belongs to J.J. Abram's now too! And it's been resurrected twice now!

So here's to getting Lost, may we never completely understand it because it's always been better that way!

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